Property and Farm Insurance in Cass City, MI

At Copeland Insurance Agency, Inc. in Cass City, MI we provide quality, comprehensive insurance policies to protect the most important things in your life. Our family agency operates with integrity and will never try to offer you something you don’t want or need. We will simply listen to you and work together to design a plan that is tailored to your needs.

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Insurance Services

Property and Casualty Insurance


Property insurance protects what you own including your home, car, and more. In addition, casualty insurance is essentially liability coverage that works to protect you if a situation occurs where you are responsible for injuring a person or damaging their property.

Crop Insurance


Crop insurance protects against the loss of crops due to a natural disaster like floods, drought, and more. It is extremely important for farmers and ranchers to have so that they can rest easy knowing their crops and livelihood is secure.

Farm Insurance


No matter the size of your farm, or where you raise livestock or crops, our team can design a coverage plan that will meet your needs.

Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is an important component in protecting your financial livelihood. We will help you develop the auto insurance coverage that’s right for you.

Home Insurance


Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When they happen to your home you need to make sure you have the coverage needed to protect it.

Business Insurance


Commercial insurance can be very complex and as a result, it’s important to find an advisor you can trust. It is often the case that businesses do not know what coverage they have or need until they experience a loss. Our advisors are trained to learn about your business before they ever offer a solution. We take the time to help you foresee the financial impacts from potential losses before they happen, and how to design a plan that protects your business.

No. This is a myth. Driving a red-colored vehicle does not make your insurance premiums more expensive than other colored vehicles.

Home insurance policies generally all include a few basic coverage components with a couple of variations depending on the provider. For the most part, home insurance policy will feature dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss-of-use, personal liability and occasionally medical payments insurance. Dwelling and other structure insurance cover most damage that a house, a garage and any other standalone structures like sheds or carports on a policyholder's property suffer. Personal property insurance covers the theft or damage of a policyholder's valuables on the premises of their property or, in some cases, anywhere in the world. For example, if your laptop is stolen while you're on vacation, your insurance might be able to cover it. Loss-of-use coverage takes care of any costs associated with a temporary move when the homeowner's house is not habitable for a period of time due to covered damages and the need for repairs that can't be done with people in the house. Personal liability coverage pays for costs associated with another party's injuries while on a policyholder's property, including legal and medical costs.

While homeowners insurance is not legally required, any homeowner who used a mortgage to help finance their home will be legally required to purchase it, their home by the lender. This is because the home does not technically belong to the homeowner as long as there is still an outstanding debt to be paid to the lender.

In doing this, the mortgage provider protects their investment by making sure that in the event of damage occurring to your home, you are able to collect a lump sum, get your home repaired and continue making payments to the lender without any interruptions.

Home insurance covers the components listed above: liability, dwelling, medical, loss-of-use and personal property that gets stolen or damaged.
Renters insurance is designed for individuals who don't own the space within which they live but have valuables in nonetheless. n renters insurance plans, policyholders are effectively protecting the items that they own and themselves in the case that they have a guest over whose injury they could be found liable for. In short, renters insurance is just the personal property and liability coverage of homeowners insurance.

To figure out how much home insurance you need, you should calculate the replacement cost of your home, which your insurance provider can help you with. Essentially, the replacement cost is the amount that it would cost your insurance provider to rebuild your house and replace all of the goods within it if it were completely destroyed.


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